Superhet Blogpost #1


Good afternoon and welcome to my first blog post, and what is Superhet's first blog post. I say "good afternoon" as it is a nice time of the day. It is no longer morning, which I think you'll all agree is rubbish, and it is not yet the evening, when we're all thinking "bugger, is that the time already?". So now we're all relaxed in the assuredness of it being the afternoon, I'll begin.

You've probably already had a bit of a poke around the site so you know that we're a music production company. If you've arrived straight here, do have a nose. This blog is going to be our diary and soapbox, and a place to talk shop. So much has happened recently that I'm just going to dive straight in.

Over the last year we've been building a technical workshop for Blake, we've made the studio much more spacious, we got a vintage Neve console, we've finally started to sell off some of our ridiculous stockpile of spare audio bits, we've re-branded and, something which you're experiencing right now, just built this website.

The term 're-brand' always raises a few eye brows but in our case we're just identifying ourselves publicly in a way that clearly communicates the way we've actually been doing things for some time: a no-stone-unturned approach. I explain all this in more detail here.


With this website we hope to demystify the process of music production and encourage conversation. Less cloak-and-dagger and more chat is what the industry could do with, especially in this time of huge transition for it. There are a lot angry-types talking about declining record sales, etc. but I think that the change brings with it opportunity and a certain levelling of the playing field. I think it was Bob Marley's manager that once said something along the lines of: "If people can sell bottled water, surely we can sell records?". I'll stay off my soapbox for now though.

I really just wanted to say a big hello from all of us in this first post as nobody wants to read a lengthy essay in the afternoon. Over the coming months (and years) we'll be letting you know what we get up to, talking tech, introducing you to our clients and friends, debating some meaty topics and, importantly, conversing with you. So if you've got questions, then hit us with them!

Have a lovely afternoon.

Dave Cowshed