The Grand Gear Sale


We're having a big clear out.

In the last week we've been hard at work adding things to the site (pushing pixels that perhaps only we notice) and there's new content cooking that'll give you a feel of how we like to work. We're also planning our next music project after renovating the live room in our studio. Our first client as Superhet in fact. 

Tip of the iceberg.

Tip of the iceberg.

This post is a bit of a plug for our ongoing sale of interesting audio things. Over the years we've amassed a large collection of audio bits and bobs from music and broadcast studio closing-down sales all over the country. Never ones to turn down a bargain, we ended up hoarding rather an embarrassing surplus, so it's now time to streamline.

The collection ranges from small cables and connectors to microphones, outboard and larger specialist audio equipment. As we're in the process of upgrading our studio, we're moving on some much loved equipment like our Amek BIG 44 channel in-line console and a 12' x 16' soundproof booth. Have a look round the boutique and see if there's anything you like.