Elephant in the Room


Money is always a touchy subject, and ultimately, what you spend depends on how much you value what you are doing. It would be incredibly unfair on our clients to have fixed rates, as one size certainly does not fit all. That is to say, we treat each and every project on an individual basis, and as such, our rates vary, dependent on the scale and complexity of a project.

Side-stepping the subject you might think, but costing up a project necessarily involves designing a production schedule, something which can’t be decided upon without a meeting or two. Your aims have to be achieved during your time with us, so such conversation is very important - the time frame has to match the desired product.

“More number avoidance!” you shout, but, what we can say definitively, is that our charging system is clear, accurate and very fair indeed. We make it easy to pay too - we accept pretty much any payment method you might think of. And, we never encourage anyone to spend more than they are comfortable with, as our policy is very much quality over quantity.

It’s all over the site, but let’s say it again: pop in for a coffee and let's chat. If you don't like what you hear, then at least you had a free coffee!