When you just need it mixed…

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Say hello
Pop us an email, drop us a line, or tweet to us if you have any questions at all.
Send us your stuff
Simply upload your stems using the Wetransfer link above - WAV or AIFF files all starting at the beginning of the song, preferably 24bit/48KHz, though other bit depths and sample rates are fine. Add some notes on how you want it to sound - reference tracks are always helpful for this.
We listen and quote
We’ll load your stems into a Pro Tools session and assess how long it’ll take us to mix your song. We’ll then send you a very competitive quotation for the work. No two mixes are the same so we think it’s fairer to quote on an individual basis. And, since this is a web-based service, we can work on your track in downtime, so you take advantage of some unpublishable pricing! And there’s no obligation - if you’re not ready to press go, we'll keep the quote on ice for you.
We mix and send you a clip
When you’re ready we hit the control room and send you a good quality clip of what we’ve engineered.
Only pay if you like it
We’re confident you'll like the sound of our work so you only pay us if you like the mix. There’s nothing to pay if you’re not happy. When you want the full mix we'll send you a payment link. We accept all major cards; bank transfers are also fine.
We send you the full mix
We’ll send you the finished mix (in full resolution) the moment your payment has cleared. Let us know what format you want your mix in.
Free revision session
Should you listen to the full mix and think a few level tweaks would make it “just right” for you, we’ll happily do a 1-hour revision session. Maybe the vocals in the first verse are a little loud for your taste, or perhaps you'd like the guitars more up front in the last chorus - that kind of thing. We’re perfectionists so we know that the little things are important.
You rock the world!
You now have a great quality mix of your song to attract interest, distribute, start a bigger project with or just enjoy in its own right. A good song presented properly will always prick people’s ears.