Writing & Arrangement


A piece of music is a communication like any other, it needs to be clear and memorable to be effective. It’s so easy to become too close to the music you’re writing; it’s saying all the right things but somehow it feels unfinished. This is where we come in. 



Tracking (Recording)


So this is the bit everyone gets excited about. It’s a wonderful collaborative process as the credit list on any album is testament to. Simply put, you have to go deep to get what you want. Good equipment is important but what your audience perceives is the emotion and energy of a performance. Like a great sports photographer, this is what we capture.





If ever there was a dark art in the music industry this is it. Mixing isn’t a fixing process, it’s about making things even more exciting. It’s like what a great lighting director can bring to a live performance. The music is already there but the lighting focuses people’s attention, creating dramatic changes between each section of a song. If you want people to buy the album after hearing the single this has to be done right.